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Tips to Lose Weight for your Wedding Day

Author: Oksana Aron, MD Source: Weight Loss NYC Jul 12, 2012

Nothing motivates a woman more to lose weight than when she receives an engagement ring!

wedding weight loss Every girl dreams about her wedding day from a young age, so it’s no wonder they go to great lengths to look their best on this special day. The problem with this is that most brides resort to quick and extreme fixes that only help to keep the weight off temporarily. Why waste your time and money on losing this weight for only a few weeks when you can invest in a life changing weight loss solution to go hand in hand with your marriage. Here are a few weight loss tips that will help you look and feel your best on your wedding day, as well as each and every day after!
  1. Track your food: Even the smallest foods count! Did you know that cup of sunflower seeds can have up to 800 calories? Make sure to keep track of each bite and make them count.
  2. Make fitness part of your day: It can become very easy to make excuses not to work out, especially after a long stressful day. Instead of using those reasons to not work out, make them your motivation to hit the gym and release that stress! Working out should be a priority everyday not an option.
  3. Limit your alcohol: Most alcohol beverages are loaded with calories, but even when they aren’t they still take a big chunk of motivation out of your system by lowering your inhibitions. Steer clear of consuming alcohol or try choosing diet friendly drinks.
  4. Get your rest: Not getting enough sleep can lead to cravings, which usually lead to poor diet choices. Getting adequate sleep can also help lower your stress level which has a huge impact on dropping those pounds! Make sure to catch your ZZZ’s every night.
  5. Life Happens! : Don’t let one slip up or “bad” day break your spirits. Give yourself credit for all the good choices you’ve been making lately and stopping focusing on the bad ones.
  6. Drink water: Drinking water throughout the entire day can help to keep you feeling full, not to mention there are no calories to worry about! So go ahead and drink up, we insist.
  7. Eat slower: The brain can take up to 20 minutes to send the NOT HUNGRY signal to your stomach. Try to slow down and enjoy your meals, you may be surprised at how little you actually need to eat to be “full.”
  8. Keep your eye on the prize: Remember why you started the diet and use that as motivation for yourself. Sometimes writing down your reasons can go a long way.

Wedding Weight Loss Success

Good luck on reaching your wedding weight loss goals. Always remember that YOU control your life and all your choices. You are capable of anything you set your mind to. For more help and ideas on losing weight fast, visit WeightLossNYC® or call 718-491-5525 for more information on our healthy diet plan.

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Source: Spark People

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