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Eat Peppers to Lose Weight

Author: Oksana Aron, MD Source: Weight Loss NYC Feb 3, 2012

Hot (and Cool) News in Weight Loss Dieting

healthy fresh vegetables

If you like spicy food, you may like this latest bit of news: eating hot peppers has recently been found to help you suppress your appetite and lose weight.

It’s the capsaicin in particular, the heat-causing chemicals in a hot pepper, that researchers discovered to have a mild effect in helping people manage their weight. The study was published in the research journal, Chemical Senses:

“Adding a palatable level of spiciness might allow an average weight, middle-aged man to lose a little over a pound over 6.5 years. That’s not a pound a year- that’s a pound total over six and a half years. If the same man ingested it in pill form (so the dose could be higher), he might be able to lose just under six pounds over 8.5 years.”

One Small Step for Man

Perhaps the spiciness causes you to want to eat less to avoid stinging your tongue or getting a heartburn, but adding hot peppers to a meal, if you can handle them, can aid your weight loss progress.

Ring My Bell

Did you know? Bell peppers can help you lose weight, too. Both hot and sweet peppers increase the body’s heat production and oxygen consumption, which means you burn extra calories.

Bell peppers are a healthy addition to a well-balanced diet because they also have many nutritional benefits. They’re an excellent source of cartenoids, flavonoids, vitamin E and vitamin C (more so than oranges), and contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It also adds flavor and variety to any healthy, delicious meal. So, enjoy!

Giant Leap for Mankind

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