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Birth Control and Weight Loss

Author: Oksana Aron, MD Source: Weight Loss NYC Aug 9, 2009
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For many years "the pill" has been blamed for weight gain in women, causing many to forego taking that particular method of birth control, but recent research has shown it is not the culprit.

The birth control pill is an effective hormonal method of contraception, and has often been seen as the cause of weight gain. However, clinical trials have found there is no causal link between birth control and weight gain, especially considering that women gain weight as they age -- whether they take birth control or not. In fact, choosing not to take the pill doesn't necessarily help women control their weight either.

There are no quick fixes to shedding pounds, but leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a well-balanced diet is still the number one way to lose weight the healthy way.

Source ScienceDaily

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