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You regained 5 pounds?

Author: Oksana Aron, MD Source: Weight Loss NYC Apr 14, 2009

The common response most people have is not to worry too much,make a few simple changes and the weight will come off. Another theory is "It's only 5 pounds, and I can get it off on my own. I am embarrassed to go back to the weight loss center where I lost the weight, because they will think I'm a failure..."

So what is 5 pounds after all? 5 POUNDS IS 17,000 CALORIES. You would have to drink water and take vitamins and eat nothing else for 11 days to lose 5 pounds of fat! It just can't be done on your own, and I would never suggest starvation as an option.

You lost the weight through the help of a weight loss support system. You will need the help of the same place to get the weight back off. They are waiting for you with open arms to help you get back on track. They understand that overweight and obesity are chronic conditions that need ongoing care and attention. You will gain their respect because you accepted you need help to be successful.

Becoming a black belt in weight loss takes one to two years to master. It takes a plan and persistence. Most importantly, it takes a back up strategy when you relapse. Respect 5 pounds.

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