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Can you do 1 pushup?

Author: Oksana Aron, MD Source: Weight Loss NYC May 17, 2021

Ease into Exercise

For many of us, pushups haven’t happened since high school gym class, yet they’re an easy and fundamental fitness means for toning up arms and developing core balance.

If you are not up to par with your arm strength, you can ease into developing arm strength with some simple incremental steps.

Keep things easy for yourself as getting hurt is never the goal. Find the method that works best for you here and follow it for several weeks until it is no longer a challenge. Of course you can mix things up if want to make your own routine.

Zero to hero

  1. Wall pushup Start off standing facing a wall with your palms flat against it. Keeping your body in a straight line, perform a pushup against the wall as if it were the floor! Easy enough right? Try for 50! When you can go three sets of 50 easily you can push into the next tier:
  2. Incline pushup Moving from vertical to an angle gives you more weight resistance for your arms. Leaning against a sturdy handrail, go for 40 incline pushups against the bar. When 3 sets of 40 are mastered, move on:
  3. Kneeling pushup You may already be familiar with these; Like a regular floor pushup, simplified to use your knees not feet as the endpoint. This reduces the load on your arms and core, and a solid next step to success. Go for mastery of two sets of 25

One and Done

There is no need to rush through this or any progression. If you are comfortable just staying in the zone, by all means keep to it. This is just a fantastic way to develop full strength for pushups without hurting yourself or getting frustrated with no result.

Nope? Can’t do any of these? Start by lying on your back and pushing up against the air.

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