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Lose Weight, One Step at a Time

Author: Oksana Aron, MD Source: Weight Loss NYC Oct 5, 2010

Walk This Way

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise research has shown Americans walking less than other nations studied with lower obesity rates. Their conclusions suggest we try to increase our walking in our daily routines, as USA today has prepared some handy tips.

Fewer than 5,000 steps a day is considered sedentary;
5,000 to 7,499, low active;
7,500 to 9,999, somewhat active;
10,000 or more active

2,000 steps is a mile

Their suggestions are in addition to decreasing caloric intake, to add 3 to 4 thousand steps per day. Excerpts from their chart include:

fitness woman
  • Taking a good 20 minute walk at lunchtime can account for 2,000 steps per day
  • Four laps around a sports track is one mile, or 2,000 steps.
  • At work, consider walking to people near you to communicate, over email or phone. Small distances over the day can add up!
  • Take 100 step walk breaks during the day; Try taking longer walks in your routine including longer route to restroom, and extended walking before shopping at a mall.

Am I overweight?

You can use our free online health risk assessment tool to see if you are in the normal weight range for your height; and learn other facts about health and wellness pertaining to even a modest (10%) amount of weight loss.

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