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Think Skinny!

Author: Oksana Aron, MD Source: Weight Loss NYC Aug 8, 2009
If you want to be skinny, you've got to think like a skinny person. This doesn't mean thinking is being, but delving into the diets of real-life skinny folks reveals some interesting food facts that could help you get or stay thin.

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think skinny

  • Dense foods with high water content like fruits, veggies, water-based soups and stews and cooked whole grains are low in calories, but oh-so-satisfying.

  • When dining out, start off with a salad or soup because you are more likely to eat much less calories after that -- as much as 12 percent less!

  • Try eating five smaller meals each day instead of three larger ones to cut down on your portions

  • Use a smaller plate to reduce the amount of food you eat

  • Have a portion-controlled frozen meal instead of dining out

  • Skipping meals often leads to overindulging on foods that are bad for you, so don't do it! Staving off hunger with healthy snacks is much better. And don't even think about skipping breakfast (78 percent of skinny people eat it)

  • Keep moving! Simply standing, walking and moving around throughout the day, as opposed to being inactive, could help you burn an extra 350 calories

  • Exercise not only burns calories and fat, it also makes you think twice about eating foods that aren't beneficial

  • Weighing yourself regularly helps keep your diet and weight in check

  • Thin people know their food pitfalls and cut them out entirely or don't even stock them in their refrigerator at home

  • Children who grow up in homes where healthy foods are plentiful are more likely to grow up healthy -- and pass it on to future generations

Source: Real Simple

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